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01. Dead Prez "Globalization (Scene Of The Crime)"

02. Filastine "Btalla (featuring Rabah)" from the album Dirty Bomb

03. The Tleilaxu Music Machine "You're Square"

04. Sole "I Think I'm Ben Bernanke" from the mixtape Dispatches From The American Fall

05. Riddlore? "State Of The Union" produced by Black Mass Plastics, from the album West Wing

06. DJ 0.000001 "Institutionalized (Suicidal Tendencies Cover)" from the maxi-single Institutionalized (Magical Bass) /

07. Bloodysnowman "Animal Candy"

08. PT Burnem "Midas Touch" from the album Ornithopter (Flyrock Records) /

09. Bit-Tuner "They Live"

10. Dadalu "Conmigo" (Michita Rex)

11. Revenge "Wandering Heart (featuring Ira Lee)" /

12. Speed Dial 7 "Shit Is Real" produced by DJ Gordski /

13. InDepth "Alternative Ways Of Sacrifice" from the album Higher Value?

14. Astroid Boys "Welcome To The Zoo (Flying Skulls Remix featuring Lokae)" from the album West Coast Bass (1320 Records)

15. Zucchini Drive "Howler Than Thou" from the EP Mud (Marathon Of Dope) /

16. Curse Ov Dialect "Gargoyle Of Gold"

17. Pip Skid "Turn It Up" produced by DJ Kutdown, scratches by Skratch Bastid, from the album People Are The Worst (Marathon Of Dope) /

18. Mochipet "Oh Just Another Bombtrack (Featuring Rage Against The Machine)" from the album 10 Reasons To Love Hate Dubstep (Daly City Records) /

19. Kaigen "Counterplan B" /

20. Pere Dodudaboum "Fait Le Bien Sur La Cote Ouest (Do It Fine On The West Coast)"

21. Infinite Livez "Magnetic Doo Doo" /

22. Bobby Joe Ebola & The Children MacNuggits "Pac-Man & Pop Tarts"

23. Blondtron "Wolf Like Me (TV On The Radio Cover)"

24. Th' Mole "Chonga Chonga (Falcon Squawk)" /